L-R: PDO SVP and Gen. Manager for Luzon Operations Mr. Leonardo B. Dayao, Jr., PDO President and COO Mr. Prim B. Nolido, The Abba’s Orchard President and Founding Director Mr. Joseph Christopher N. Barrameda, The Abba’s Orchard Founding Director Ms. Ma. Angelica P. Barrameda

Top Montessori school opens next year at Pueblo de Oro Townscapes Malvar

Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation sealed its partnership with The Abba’s Orchard, the largest and one of the most esteemed Montessori schools in the country, as educational partner in its 42-ha mixed-use development in Malvar, Batangas, the Pueblo de Oro Townscapes Malvar. The 50-year lease agreement was formalized in a signing ceremony held on March 23, 2022.

The Abba’s Orhcard will open its Malvar campus beginning August 2023.

Replicating its success from building 13 campuses
nationwide since 1998, The Abba’s Orchard will construct a one-hectare learning center in Townscapes to initially offer its Casa and Level One Program for children between 3–6 and 6-9 years old. Delivered in a prepared environment set by the Montessori pedagogy under the supervision of welltrained guides, the program focuses on learning areas such as practical life, sensory development, mathematics, and language.

The campus is envisioned to grow out to offering Level Two for 9-12 years old and the Erdkinder farm environment for the adolescents, 12-18 years old.

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