ICCP CEO Shares Economic Insights at ANC

Amidst pressing talks on the effects of high inflation rate in the country, ICCP CEO and ICCP SBI Venture Partners Senior Managing Director Billy Valtos shared valuable insights about the economy in the news program Early Edition at ANC.

In the TV interview, Mr. Valtos said the investment outlook on the Philippines remains “positive” in the long term despite caution over rising inflation and interest rates. Potential investors still highly regard Filipinos’ English language capability.

“The return expectations are being scrutinized a bit more, especially inflation creeping up. It does affect the net real return on investment,” Valtos said.

“The economic fundamentals remain solid and robust vis-a -vis other choices in Southeast Asia. There are some very good long-term opportunities. Over-all investors have to look at the long-term trends and the
outlook is still positive,” he said.

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